In everything we do, we believe that girls can be protagonists and make choices that change the world.

We pave the way for girls to walk their own paths and make their own choices by empowering them and their relationships with emotional development, and by dressing girls in their own authentic style: beautiful, light, comfortable, and socially and environmentally responsible.

And the results are beautiful collections that shape and influence their steps... with self-esteem, self-confidence, and independence.

How it all began...

Every story has a beginning, even those that feel like they have always been part of our lives. And our story starts when José Roberto met Maria, in the city of Birigui.

In a faraway kingdom, a girl was growing up full of dreams and curiosity. Nearby, a boy roamed free, playing on dirt roads! So they joined forces to build the brand we all love and respect so dearly.

A name - and the first shoe

A brand this special did not deserve just any old name. It needed to be original and meaningful. Maria’s mother, with her Italian-Brazilian upbringing, called her children my little “pimpolhinhos.” Drawing on her mother’s affection for inspiration, Maria associated that endearing word with the nicknames she and her sisters had at home: Lia, Li, and Lei. After switching around a few letters and sounds, the brand had a name that sounded just right: PAMPILI.

To bring to life the Pampili essence—love, joy, and the power of change—the first girl’s shoe gained a special touch! It was a dress shoe, in pink lacquer, with a gorgeous bow. We had officially entered the age of ribbons, bows, buckles, hearts, flowers, and butterflies. And lots and lots of glow!

Learn more in the book:
From the Feet to the Heart

You will find an electronic version of the book “From the Feet to the Heart” in your file folder, where you can learn about Pampili’s history in even more detail.

Pampili’s Timeline

The brand’s timeline shows all the accomplishments it has celebrated over the years.

1987 – Pampili is established.

2001 – New logo (little foot).

2004 – Start of metanoic management.

2006 – New logo and essence

2008 – Terra do Rosa institute

2009 – Flagship stores

2010 – Brand perfume

2011 – Brand extension

2014 – “Girl’s World” channel

2016 – Girls’ day

2018 – Cause

2020 – Community

“At Pampili, pink is much more than a color. It shows a delicate side, but it taps into the power behind the gaze of the feminine soul and love’s transforming power.”

Maria Ap. Mestriner Colli
Pink is not a color, pink is love!

The power of our generation lies in changing the world through emotions. Happiness, joy, courage, it all comes from the heart. We are girls. We are Pampili. We are our country’s future. Pink is our essence, it is affection. Pink is a rose. It means creating and caring about every single detail with a great deal of love. Pink is not a color. Pink is love!

We are not generation Y, we are not generation X, we are not generation Z. We are big enough to hug the whole world. We are from Generation P: P for Possibility. P for Present. P for Pampili. Because, together, we can change the world and make it a better place to be a girl!

Pampili Mini

For baby girls, we introduce PAMPILI MINI, for that life stage that starts when mom finds out “it’s a girl!”. It includes all the special moments: her christening, her monthly birthdays, her first smile, her first little shoes, her first birthday... All the way to her first little steps!


For girls in the costume phase, who are starting to learn to read and who live in a world that is both real and imaginary with their family and friends, PAMPILI introduces itself as... PAMPILI!

And as the official representative of Generation P: “P” for Protagonists, Powerful, Pink, Pampili!


Next, girls enter their tween phase, when they are super connected, aware, and cheerful. As groups of friends become more important and they themselves are immersed in physical and emotional changes, they want a brand that represents them just the way they are: a TWEENIE!

Values are traits of a given person or organization that determine how that person behaves and interacts with other individuals and with the environment.

And, ever since the first Declaration of Values, Pampili has always taken the time to revisit and update it, to keep the pink flame alive.

Therefore, our values must be remembered and applied daily in every decision, every action. They serve as a guide for how to deal with situations, with people, how we should speak, and even how to solve problems. Our current values are:

Love, Excellence, Awareness, Originality, and Prosperity!

To be a company where happy, united, passionate people work,  where relationships are based on trust,  spreading light and energy to make dreams come true and achieve full results.

Headquartered in Birigui, São Paulo - Brazil, Pampili produces shoes exclusively for girls. Our company has been in the market since 1987 making children shoes specially for girls and it is now recognized worldwide as one of the most dearly loved brand in the girls’ footwear industry.

Pampili is an award-winning national leader in the kids footwear industry that designs, develops, and markets cute and fashion footwear for girls. The company's success stems from it's high quality, diversified, and affordable product line that meets girls' various lifestyle needs. For over 30 years, the company has strived to create value through its diversified, market-driven portfolio of kids shoes.

Pampili operates in retail business under its own brand name in all over the world:

Angola | Argentina | Bahrein | Bolivia | Chile | China | Colombia | Cuba | Cyprus | Dominican Replubic | Ecuador | Egypt French Guiana | Greece | Guatemala | Israel | Jordan | Kuwait | Lebanon | Libya | Mozambique | Nigeria | Oman | Panama Paraguay | Peru | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | South Africa | South Korea | United Arab Emirates | United States of America

Flagship Store Locations

Pampili’s flagship stores are places where girls and their families can come in contact with all the essence and magic of this pink world!

Inspired by girls’ bedrooms, every last detail was arranged to offer a fun and unique experience. 

“Girl’s World” Channel

The “Girl’s World” channel is a content portal whose topics include everything that happens in their world. That means tutorials, clips, conversations, DIYs, and much more. The channel has over 3 million followers and exclusive content every week.

Visit and subscribe!

We aim to be a good standingnation that contributes to making the world a better place to be a girl. So in 2008, we founded the Terra do Rosa Institute, in order to support the physical, social and emotional children and families from the community. In partnership with ASEC, since 2010 we have inserted the programs Amigos do Ziggy, Amigos da Maça and Passaporte in the social projects Semente do Futuro and Florescer. Caring the girls, encouraging them to access their inner light, has help us to fulfill our mission. If we can count on you, we all together can make great job of turns this world in to a better place.

Maria Mestriner Colli, Co-Founder of the Pampili Nation and the Terra do Rosa Institute
Terra do Rosa Institute

Pampili believes in the strength of love and in the power to change the lives of everyone around us, making the world a better place to be a girl. Terra do Rosa Institute includes and takes care of all our Social Responsibility projects which encompasses cultural and social projects.

Pampili contributes to educate children and youngsters to become good people, agents of change, by awakening and cultivating skills and talents that support their development. We offer Computer, English as a Second Language, and Craftwork classes and promote conversation rounds that value and broaden Emotional Health and Education.

This program, which was founded in August 2005, supports children’s emotional education, bolsters their self-esteem, and increases their civic awareness, by helping raise them to be good people. Our partnership with SESI offers activities that support each phase of children’s lives, with games, sports, arts, music, reading and literature, theater, and many other interesting activities.

Pampili encourages volunteer work. Breaths of Happiness is a group of individuals with much love to share who have been trained in order to share love, care and affection. They bring joy and fun to hospital environments playing clowns.

Friends of Maçã is an opportunity for the children who have already participated in Friends of Zippy to practice the skills they have learned in more complex situations. It also helps children who have not participated in Friends of Zippy to develop social and emotional skills. It broadens the emotional education coverage with educators trained to create emotionally healthy environments.

Pampili offers this program to children aged 11 to 13 as well as to all Youth Apprentices, with the goal of expanding their repertoire of strategies for handling difficult situations, encouraging effective communication, and improving their problem-solving skills, as well as encouraging cooperation and helping teens evaluate their own success.

Friends of Zippy is an emotion education program for our employees’ children, whatever their skills are. This program offers 24 classes over the year where the little ones are taught how to deal with day-to-day challenges, how to identify their feelings and talk about them, and how to explore ways of dealing with these feelings.